Golfing Gifts for the Serious Golfer

Golf is one of the world’s most popular games, with an estimated 60 million people playing it worldwide. In this blog, we’re going to look at some gift ideas for the budding Rory McIlroy in your life.

Gnome Head Cover

This headcover is made by Daphne as is made from plush fabric. Designed to protect your clubs it will fit clubs up to 460cc drivers.


Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyser

This smart bit of kit attaches to your golf glove and gives instant feedback, helping you to learn, practise and visualise the areas of your swing that needs work. Designed to work in conjunction with your smartphone or tablet, the device delivers instant and accurate data that will help you understand your club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length and much more. Measure your swing across the whole course and compare swing metrics and consistency from round to round and from range to course. All you have to do is turn on the glove mounted sensor and play your round. You don’t even need your smartphone on or the app running for it to collect all data. After your round just pair the sensor with the app and every swing will be measured providing you with an overall score and immediately shows you where you can improve. Smart coach move offered personalised training programs, based on data from PGA/LPGA players and tour instructors to make you a better, faster player. Perfect for the serious golfer.


Calloway Trunk Locker Organiser

Anyone who knows a golfer knows that it’s easy for golf equipment to take over. This piece of kit is designed to keep all your golf things together in the boot of your car so that you can consolidate your equipment and not get into trouble with whoever you share the car with. With multiple storage compartments and rigid wall dividers, it can be configured to suit your needs. It features a shoe compartment that has a breathable mesh ventilation panel to air your golf shoes after a round. It also collapses flat for easy storage.


PGA Tour Telescopic Ball Retriever

This contraption helps you to recover unreachable golf balls from water hazards and hard to reach spots. Made of a lightweight stainless steel, it extends up to 202cm (80”) fully extended and is only 38cm when collapsed. This is the perfect gift for the golfer who keeps losing their balls.

Golf Wash Bag

Styled like a vintage golf bag, this tartan lined PU or split leather bag is spacious without being bulky and is wipe clean. It has two internal pockets and two external pockets for smaller items. What better gift to give to the golf enthusiast for their golf weekends away?

Personalised Scratch-off Golf Courses Print

Whether you’re a scratch player or not, you’ll be scratching off the courses you’ve played with this charming print. Available with a personalised message, it’s got all the top courses in the UK on it and once you’ve played them you can scratch them off, showing what courses you’ve played. Great for planning golf holidays, any serious golfer will appreciate this delightful gift.


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