Gifts for Vinyl Enthusiasts

Vinyl has been enjoying a renaissance in recent years with over 3.2 million records being sold in the UK in 2016, up 53% on the previous year. With the rise in popularity, you’re sure to know someone who loves playing their music on the format. In this blog, we’re going to look at some gift ideas for the record enthusiast.

Technics Headshell Bottle Opener Keyring

Technics SL 1210s are pretty much the definitive deck used by DJs and are regarded as the industry standard. This keyring come bottle opener is a replica of the cartridge on these famed decks. Perfect for the DJ in your life.


Bicycle Record Bag

This cotton rich, waxed waterproof bag is designed specifically for carrying your records when on your bicycle. With a leather trim and brass detailing it’s as stylish as it is practical. Its two adjustable straps make it easy to mount to any standard diamond framed bicycle and its leather carry handle make it easy to transport when you’re off your bike. The 35x37cm bag accommodates records up to 12” and has additional pockets for anything else you want to store besides your vinyl.


Record Cleaning Brush

If you are a record collector there’s no point in spending money on a collection and then neglecting them. A record cleaning brush will help prolong the life of your records and make them sound better too. This brush from Audioquest features a brushed aluminium handle and high-quality, soft, anti-static carbon fibre brushes that will get deep into the grooves of your record, removing dust and other atmospheric elements that can affect the sound and longevity of your records.


Onzow Zero Dust Stylus Cleaner


Your stylus can end up covered in gunk and instead of shelling out on a new stylus you can help to prolong the life of yours with this gadget. Made from an advanced polymer, it looks like a blob of gel. If you lower your stylus into the gel the dust and other gunk is attracted like a magnet but avoids damage to the mechanical parts. The lid doubles as a magnifying glass and is perfect for observing the condition of your stylus before and after you clean it. The gel is washable with warm water and detergent, so can be used over and over again.


Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer

This record washing machine is designed to help you take the best care possible of your valued collection. It’s a self-contained system that uses goat hair brushes in conjunction with record cleaning fluid to deep clean the grooves of your records. There is a label protection clamp that means you can wash away without any fear of damaging the labels. Supplied with the washing mechanism itself, a drying rack, 16opz of record cleaning fluid, a funnel and filter for the washing fluid and a 45 RPM adaptor it provides you with everything you need to get deep cleaning your collection.


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