Gifts for Globetrotters

Globetrotting used to be the reserve of the rich and famous, but these days people jet all over the world. In this blog, we’re going to look at a selection of gifts for people who are regular travellers with some ideas for handy items for when they are away.

Transit Maps of the World: Every Urban Travel Map

This book by Mark Ovenden is a comprehensive collection of every urban train map on earth. Featuring subways, light rail and streetcar maps from around the globe, this book is perfect for people who love to travel. Including rare and historic maps, diagrams and photographs, there are over a thousand transport systems listed. This book will appeal to travellers and graphic design enthusiasts.


Wash and Wear Travel bag set

A set of two canvas drawstring bags, this set is designed to help you separate dirty washing from fresh clothes when you’re travelling. Featuring two black ribbon ties and labelled “to wash” and “to wear” for easy identification, these bags are perfect for people who travel regularly who like to keep their clothes fresh.


Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker

This compact, portable espresso maker allows you to make barista-quality espresso with nothing more than coffee beans, hot water and your hands. So how does this witchcraft work you ask? Inside the machine it is engineered so that you just have to pop off the top and bottom, fill with ground coffee, fill with hot water and pump it with your hands. After a few pumps, the internal pressure reaches 116PSI (8 Bar) which is the same as a full sized espresso machine. This pressure then forces the coffee out the spout and into your cup, creating a perfect cup of strong coffee. For people who don’t want to carry ground coffee with them, there is a version that uses Nescafe’s Nespresso capsules. This is a perfect gift for travellers that are particular about their coffee.


World Travel Adaptor with 2 USB ports

This Swiss engineered adaptor is perfect for people who travel regularly. All of your electrical equipment will need power when you’re abroad and this adaptor from Skross will provide you with the necessary energy. This adaptor is capable of connecting two and three pole devices from all over the world and will work in 205 countries. With a built-in USB port, you’ll be able to charge your laptop and your mobile simultaneously. With a maximum load of 6.3 A, it is capable of handling devices including hairdryers, shavers and laptops.


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