Gifts for Bookworms

The invention of the printing press in the 15th Century billions of books have been printed, bringing new ideas and stories to people around the world. Whether it’s a textbook or a novel, books inspire and awaken things in people and have been the underlying glue that has held civilisation together. In this blog, we’re going to look at some gift ideas for the bookworm you know.

Book scented candle

In this era of Kindles, smartphones and e-readers the physical element of reading is in danger of disappearing. If you’re an ebook enthusiast but love the smell of old libraries and books then this candle might be just the thing for you. With a fragrance blend of old paper, dusty shelves and a light hint of vanilla, this candle will bring back the memories of browsing a library or reading antique books.


Fully Booked Tent

If you go on camping holidays or frequent the summer festivals, then this tent will show everyone that you are serious about your books. This 2 or 3 person storm tent with a digitally printed “book” flysheet will definitely attract attention on the campsite.


Book Rest Lamp

Designed by Suck UK, this lamp doubles as a book stand. Shaped like a traditional detached house, the frosted lamp’s roof is perfectly shaped to rest your book on top of. Simply place the book on top to create “a roof” and your page will be kept, just as you left it. Ideal for sitting rooms and bedrooms alike, this lamp is a perfect gift for the bookworm you know.


Book Case for Kindle or Tablets

Mix new technology with the traditional look of books with this adorable case. Hand-crafted to premium standard by bookbinders in the New Forrest in England using locally sourced materials, this case will make your Kindle look like you’re carrying around a classic book.


Umbra Conceal Floating Book Shelf

Designed by Miron Lior, this shelf will make it look like your books are floating in this air. Made from stainless steel with a silver coloured coating this durable shelf can hold up to 15kg of books. How does this work? Well, place a hardback book on the bottom and you’ll be able to stack book on top of it to create a magical stack of books on your wall.

Evolution Bookends

Charting the March of Progress from ape to Homosapien, these bookends inspire by showing how knowledge has made us what we are today. As every bookworm knows, books are where we transfer ideas, so there are few more fitting images than one of evolution.


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