Driving Gifts for the Motoring Enthusiast

Some people drive and some people are motorists. Motorists take great care of their car, love going runs and go around roundabouts a second time just because they love the feel of their car going around it. In this blog, we’re going to look at some gift ideas for the petrol head in your life.

Revell Visible V8 Engine Model

Everyone loves the power of a V8 engine, the roar, the feel as you’re pushed back in your seat. Unfortunately, you don’t get a chance to watch it in action because you’re too busy driving! Revell lets you see how your engine works with this one quarter scale model. As you turn the crankshaft it operates the pistons, camshaft rocker arms and the valves. The kit includes all parts including a rubber fan belt and vinyl ignition wires. This is a perfect educational and fun toy for every motoring enthusiast.


Gear Knob Bottle Stopper

This gear knob bottle stopper is shaped like the vintage gear sticks of the past and is perfect for the motorist you know who likes a tipple. The tapered rubber seal is designed to fit wine bottles and will fit most Port bottles too. The stopper is available in rosewood or painted vintage white finishes.


Castrol Oil Jug

This two-pint oil jug is emblazoned with a classic Castrol logo. Use it as a pen pot on your desk, or even as an oil jug, putting oil into your car or for storing any knick-knacks in your garage.


Spanner Cutlery – Cheese Knife

This knife, made by Cutlery Concepts is based on the design of a classic spanner but is a fully functional cheese knife. At 20.8cm long and with stainless steel construction the knife is both functional and hardwearing. Guaranteed to be a talking point during after-dinner cheese and wine, this gift would be great for any car enthusiast.


Personalised tax disc paperweight

With a design based on the last design of the UK road tax disc before it moved to an online system, this personalised gift is available with any date, so can be bought as a gift for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or dates when someone has passed their driving test. Made from solid glass, every paperweight is handcrafted and individually diamond engraved. You can choose car make and model, car registration and price, so as a hugely personalised item it doesn’t get much better. Supplied in a satin lined box for display, this will make a superb gift for any motorist.


Driving Gift Vouchers

Driving gift experiences have become hugely popular, offering access to cars and other vehicles to experience the roar of a racing car or the thrill of driving a tank. There are lots of places that offer driving experiences around the country, so you’ll be able to source one locally. Typically, a driving experience lets you take a car around a track, such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini or a racing car. I’ve seen other options that let you drive monster trucks, tanks and a huge variety of vehicles you’d never get a chance to drive in normal day-to-day life.


These are just some gift ideas for the motorist in your life. I like to regularly shop about for offers on motoring gifts, but I’ve found great deals that offer a wide range of experiences and gifts suitable for the motorist. As with all gifts, if you look hard enough you’ll find the perfect item.


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